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We understand that successful product development depends on the ability to work in the field to determine the needs of your customer. PREDATOR™ is a direct result of several years of field research and developmental work. Our research was performed in-house, as well as directly on the shop floor of some of the most respected metal fabricators in the United States. PREDATOR™ is a premium blend of proprietary coated abrasives, resulting in cost savings through productivity enhancement and product life.

predator beltsBELTS

As one of the most exciting products in the
PREDATOR™ line, we have spent many hours in our lab and on the shop floor testing PREDATOR™ Belts. The unique construction and proprietary grain mix combined with two grinding aids has shown tremendous performance. We are competing at a full ceramic level with a much lower initial cost and better grinding performance.



predator flap discFLAP DISCS

As you can see, we offer a wide range of sizes and styles of the new PREDATOR™ Flap Disc. We have produced incredible results in-house, as well as in the field. These products provide extremely fast weld removal combined with superior life compared to all other Flap Discs in the market. PREDATOR™ is well suited for all mild steel, high alloy, nickel alloy and stainless steel.




predator quick-lok discQUICK-LOK DISCS

We have an extremely versatile and thorough Quick-Lok Disc offering. There are many types of buttons and backings to choose from to match your specific material removal and blending requirements. The unique blend of PREDATOR™ grains has outperformed our competitors with extremely fast material removal and excellent scratch patterns.






predator PSA DiscPSA DISCS

Our premium Cloth PSA shows surprising results in the field. Due to the proprietary construction of our Cloth PSA, PREDATOR™ lasts 10 to 20 times longer than any of our competitors on mild steel, high alloy and stainless steel.



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